Sunday, August 9, 2009

Waffle Day 9 Dispatch Weekend Edition

I have an eventful weekend. When I wasn't eating my dad or mom's iphones I was trying to chew cords that I wasn't supposed to. I met my first stranger Caroline. I had her wrapped around my finger. She LOVED me. I am pretty damn loveable so I am not surprised.
Here is her getting a camera phone pic of me.

Mom had to check Caroline's purse before she left she wanted to take me home I can tell.

Oh yeah and here is some pics of dad and me spending "quality time" (he likes to make me dance in my sleep)

On Saturday morning while I was running around like a kitten on heroin I spilled Daisyboo's food again. (12th time this week?)

I proceeded to eat most of it. I taught myself a trick too. I can pick up a call of food with my hand and feed it to myself. Mom didn't believe dad til she saw it herself. They have tried to get it on video. No luck yet. I am a crafty bastard.

I also had my weekly weigh in.

2lbs 13oz. I am growing FAST. Mom is scared by the end of the month I will be full grown and she will of missed all the "squee" time whatever that is.

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  1. You are a gracious hostess, Miss Butterpants! And don't grow up too fast- Your mama needs her squee time. Plus, when you're teeny you can fit in more fun places.


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