Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waffle Day 27 Dispatch

So I hear I am going to the V E T this weekend. I not skeeerd. I hear Daisyboo is a screamer in the car. I hear she cries until she hyperventilates then gets sick so she never goes no where no more except the vet once a week. Last time I went I was with all my brothers and sisters. Last night mom and dad found me and Daisyboo in the tub together. They don't know how long we were there or is we were actually getting along or plotting a takeover. It was so quiet no one knew we were in there. I held Daisy down and gave her a bath the other day. I am less than half her size but I pinned her down and licked her. She got up and threw me ass over teacups on the floor. I just chased after her cause I know she actually likes when I do no matter how much she yells to tell on me. I am not much of a talker. I only talk when I am falling asleep I yell out randomly or when I am in the potty. Daisy is a chatty cathy though. She has entire conversations with mom and dad. I hear she is much quieter since I got around though.

Mom is already pulling out my baby pictures and saying "remember when" she keeps asking dad "Does she look full size to you?" "Did she grow when we were at work?" "You think if I give her coffee she will stop growing?"
kittens 091kittens 058figletIMG_3424IMG_3434
figletYou can tell she is mine because I am already putting her out.


  1. Waffle, our kitten Omar similarly terrorizes his big sister Stella, who has historically been our "talker." He, despite being smaller than her, pins her down and attacks... then licks. Our cats also love the bathtub, though not with water. You kittens grow so quickly- I've noticed the same of Omar! The picture of you third from the bottom is precious. Try and stay tiny a little longer for your mama, Waffle.
    --artisterin (who feels slightly dorky just having written a comment to a freakin' kitten)

  2. just tell yourself "At least I don't write a blog pretending to be a kitten"


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