Tuesday, February 9, 2010

long time no post

Sorry it takes me a long time to write a post being as I am a cat and all. Mommy was having a hard time sleeping last night and had a horrific stress induced migraine so I snuggled up with her under the covers and licked her arm telling her it was ok. I just have that kitten sense.
I have been particularly cute lately.

This morning I watched the news
she sat there a good 20 minutes watching

Dad drew on my foot the other day. Mom freaked out about toxicity. Dad assured her it was nontoxic

Daisy and I were even caught snuggling on a few occasions

I really like giving kisses

and telling them when I am done

and I've been caught using a pillow on more than one occasion
I got up for two seconds and she stole my seat and pillow

and I REALLY liked to be tucked in.
I'm glad I got one that likes to be tucked in