Monday, September 28, 2009

Daisyboo update

The little one went to the vet. I hid when I heard the carrier. I still acted pissed off when mom and dad came home even though I didn't have to go.
It's been months! I sat on mom briefly for the first time in month. She wasn't allowed to touch me or move. She moved her leg because it was asleep and I ran away. I act like I am too good to play with what used to be my favorite toy now that waffle likes it. Waffle kept sneaking over the wall into the kitchen the other night so I climbed up on a chair over looking the kitchen and told on her every time she went in the kitchen. I would sound the alarm. MEOW MEOW MEOW until dad came to see what was going on. I would just look forward as if to say LOOK SHES IN THE KITCHEN AGAIN. The next day they took the walls down. They got tired of climbing over them to take waffle out of te frying pan on the stove.

Waffle update

I got my 16 week shots this weekend. The made me a little sicky. I had the shivers Saturday night late. I couldn't stop shaking. Mom had me bundled up tight in a blanket until I fell asleep.
Now this is the life
Mom likes to bundle me in her hoodie. Dad tried it and my legs kept popping out. He had bad form.
I got something in my hoodie.
On Sunday everyone took a nap on the bed. I was spread out as long as I can and mom was hugging me. I like to be tucked under the covers.
Oh and the vet said I was 4.7 lbs. Mom thinks someones elbow was on the table and that he baby was 4 lbs tops.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waffle Day 48 Dispatch

With the temperatures dropping I have been sleeping under the covers. Usually with mom. I like to lay across the bed UNDER the covers when she leaves for the potty so when she comes back she has to lay in a c shape around me. She doesn't want to touch me because they she just has to go back to the bathroom and wash her hands and I lay across again. I refuse to move when budged too. Sometimes I decide to randomly bite what ever I am laying near in the middle of the night. Mom isn't a fan.

I like to hang out in the sink lately. Mom likes to turn it on and watch me drink and use my hand. She says it slays her.

Over the weekend I helped mom make cupcakes. By help I hung out in her hoodie while she made them.

Oh I like to play with toilet paper too. lots. I like it a lot a lot.

This morning while mom was trying to take a picture of her makeup I decided I wanted to get in on the photo and snuck up behind her.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Waffle Day 41 dispatch

I, Waffle like to eat gluten free waffles.

Other things I like to eat

Things Daisy likes to eat:

Dad gave me a piece of crepe the other day and Daisy got all bent out of shape and came over in a huff. So dad gave her a piece, she sniffed it and made a poop face and walked away.
So I ate it.

Don't worry mom and dad only give me tiny tiny tiny bites and they are all gluten free and the vet said its OK.