Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big girls

I am getting big
my little ladies

I am almost 9 lbs. Daisy is a little over 9. I am taller than daisy but I am definitely "smaller". Daisy just has shorter legs.

My ears are bigger than hers

I hear one of my litter mate brothers is 16 lbs now!!! Can you believe that? That is almost 2 times the size of me. Mom hopes I don't get bigger. I am already so long I take up half the bed. I still sleep between mom and dad with my feet in one of their ribs.

I may of eaten parts off 3 cupcakes last week but my brother ate half a thing of thin mints. Who am I kidding I would of done the same thing but mom keeps her cookies in the freezer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ham and boxes

There are two things I love above all others.
Ham and boxes. That goes for Daisyboo too. We love boxes. Here is me last night hanging out in a box meant for auntie megan. It has a flat iron and an book in it but I laid on it for HOURS.
That can't be comfortablephoto.jpg

and we love our ham


Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a few picture taken in the last week of me.

I am real helpful when mom is trying to do her product shots on her blog
covergirl 172

I took a lot of naps this weekend.

I like to hug mom and dad when I am sleeping

Oh and check out how much I look like my bio mom.

Mom (fig)
Fwd: Fw: like mother like daughter

Oh and speaking of blogs I was on a famous one! Check me out here

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Long time no post. Photo dump

Sorry guys long time no post. It takes me a long time to type being as I have big meaty paws. Speaking of paws...

I like to hold hands with my mom
I reach out and pull her closer until I can rest my hand on her.

All packages coming and going are all thoroughly inspected by me.

Not all the time but every once in awhile I look like a cat instead of a kitten. It only happens rarely though.

Dad knows who is in charge. ME! He has to sit on the arm of the couch while I nap

More nap footage

I like to nuzzle on mom and dad's necks. They say I snore loud.

My biological mommy cat FIG's owner got me this awesome disc thrower thingy.

Daisy is too dignified for it