Monday, August 31, 2009

Waffle Day 31 Dispatch

This was a big weekend for me. I went to the vet for my first big check up and to get some of my 12 week shots. I hear I was very expensive. (mom here... almost $500 for her and Daisyboo. OY VEY) and I was a very good girl. I didn't even cry in the car until Daisyboo had been crying for 10 minutes. So when she tired herself out I started in for her.

At the vet I got my leg shaved and some blood drawn. I thought mommy was gonna pass out. She got a little twitchy. But they didn't get a call, the vet said he would only call by 5pm if I had AIDS or Leukemia. SO yeah!! I also had some bum poking let me tell you I did not like that. I didn' t like that more than the shots and blood draw. But all in all I didn't make a fuss at all. When I made some tiny meows Daisyboo meowed out. Mom thinks she was asking me if I was ok.

OH and Daisyboo and I snuggled. It was the first time mom and dad had seen it. So of course they took a picture.

Dad did his best to not spend too much time with me this past month so I could bond with mom. And she and I snuggle a lot but when dad comes in the room I run over to him and snuggle down. Mom swears a lot.

Oh I haven't told you the best part. I have a new trick.

Mom yelled to dad "come here you HAVE TO SEE THIS" he kept saying what and she said no its a visual. I am pretty damn clever aren't I?

Today is my 13 week birthday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waffle Day 27 Dispatch

So I hear I am going to the V E T this weekend. I not skeeerd. I hear Daisyboo is a screamer in the car. I hear she cries until she hyperventilates then gets sick so she never goes no where no more except the vet once a week. Last time I went I was with all my brothers and sisters. Last night mom and dad found me and Daisyboo in the tub together. They don't know how long we were there or is we were actually getting along or plotting a takeover. It was so quiet no one knew we were in there. I held Daisy down and gave her a bath the other day. I am less than half her size but I pinned her down and licked her. She got up and threw me ass over teacups on the floor. I just chased after her cause I know she actually likes when I do no matter how much she yells to tell on me. I am not much of a talker. I only talk when I am falling asleep I yell out randomly or when I am in the potty. Daisy is a chatty cathy though. She has entire conversations with mom and dad. I hear she is much quieter since I got around though.

Mom is already pulling out my baby pictures and saying "remember when" she keeps asking dad "Does she look full size to you?" "Did she grow when we were at work?" "You think if I give her coffee she will stop growing?"
kittens 091kittens 058figletIMG_3424IMG_3434
figletYou can tell she is mine because I am already putting her out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Waffle Day 25 Dispatch

Last night dad gave me a toe nail trim while I was sleepy. He thinks he won. He asked me if I wanted a foot massage and I kinda fell asleep while he was doing it. I like to play rough and tough but I really am a cuddle bug at times.

Mom is still scared I am getting big too fast. She found this photo she took one of the times she visited me when I was still with my cat mom and brothers and sisters. I look just like her. That is what I will look like when I am full grown or on Thursday according to mom.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Waffle Day 24 Dispatch

I am still having issues with sleeping at night. But I make up for it by being insanely cute and napping while mom or dad hold me. Mom and dad caught me and daisy LOVING! Daisy was cleaning my ears and face. It was the first time anyone saw us near one another and I wasn't beating Daisy up.
Mom calls me bubble gum toes because the pads of my feet are pink and plush.
Mom and Dad had told my foster mom how a requirement they had in a new kitten was pink toes. Daisy is black all over even her little lips. But my feet are PINK PINK PINK and they are so soft and I like to touch peoples faces with them and watch them melt under my adorableness.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Daisyboo Day 20 dispatch

So I heard mom and dad talking about their next holiday card featuring the tiny terrorist and it is gonna be FANTASTIC. Hopefully I won't be in it. Here are some of my past ones.

Waffle Day 20 dispatch

I forgot to tell you about my weigh in this week. I am up to 3.3 lbs. Mom is worried again I am almost full size and she has exactly 5 minutes left with me being small.
Then I was a HOLY TERROR last night and this morning and she isn't so concerned. She was muttering something out giving me to gypsys. I was tearing apart the couch last night while mom and dad slept on the sleeper sofa part. I hear the couch is only a year old. I scratched daddy really bad in the face twice this week. Both times I drew blood and he has a war wound now. Mom found the giant laundry bag in the middle of the living room floor the other day and 20 minutes later it was in the bedroom. I like running back and forth with this giant 3 foot long laundry bag in my mouth. I also like to run with dad's socks back and forth (mom said now if only I could carry them to the laundry which dad doesn't know how to do)

My new favorite game is attack the roll of paper towels. Not the cheap kind either (I hear they have gluten) but the good select a size kind. I like to rip pieces off and run with them and attack them. Mom picked up no less than 20 pieces before she left for work today. I plan to leave twice as many for tonight.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Waffle Day 17 Dispatch

It was nice to have mom and dad home all weekend. I hear I was full of energy Friday and Saturday night. I like to smack mom and dad in the face when they are sleeping and nibbling moms hair and head. I also LOVE getting under the covers and attacking. I finally scaled the cardboard wall that divided the bedroom from the apartment. Haha daisyboo no hiding from me now. Mom had a fever yesterday and I snuggled with her for hours on end and slept. They said it's the most I slept since I moved in. Mom tried to wake me for Mad Men because she
thought I be up all night. This was my reaction to being woken up.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daisyboo Day 14 Dispatch

I am raffling the kitten off to the lowest bidder.

Hell I will pay you I know where they keep the amex.

Waffle Day 14 Dispatch

Hi guys Waffle here. Things have been qwazy here. I have a new nickname! The tiny tyrant! That's good right? I like to do this on my hind legs dance with my hands in the air at daisy. It looks like I am saying "What's up you want to fight?? Can you smell what the Waffle is cooking"
I have a new place I like to hang out on during the Day while mom and dad are at work. See the video below.

Last night mom was using her foot thingy and I decided I wanted a pedicure too
Someone wants a pedicure
I kept sticking my feet in and flinging water everywhere. Mom spent the entire time saying "Dave keep her out of it I used polish remover she will get brain damage" Dad said "She won't drink anything she isn't supposed to"
Silly silly man.
Then mom realized if she turned the bubble feature on instead of the vibrate I would run like my ass was on fire.

I like to play a game where I climb under the covers at 4 in the morning and bite peoples legs. Its great fun. Mom said she is gonna start charging me for the extra coffee she has to drink.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Daisyboo Day 11 Dispatch

Damn fort is TOO SMALL.

I think the piglet is on crack. She has two speeds OMG I AM SO FRIGGIN CRAZY FEEL MY BITEY WRATH and sleeping. She chases me around. I thwap her on the head. She never learns. So I jump on the stool and hide in bedroom and tease her over the wall.

Waffle Day 11 dispatch

Mommy keeps saying I am a bully. How is that possible I am so friggin cute and only weight 2lbs 13oz.

I am like a McAlister's baked potato really. I mean I might chase Daisyboo around and pounce on her back from up high like she is a pony. But I don't get why that makes me a bully. I might chase Daisyboo until she hides in the bedroom where I can't reach (yet) I might attack people in their sleep and chew on their flesh. I might of ripped mom and dad's one year old couch and pulled the stuffing out. But dont' all kittens act like that? Last night I got up on the entertainment center and had an exorcist (poltergeist? can some clear that up? Caroline?) moment.

Mom kept telling me to get down and dad got the camera. I hear Daisyboo would never do anything like that in all the years they have had her. I just think its cause she is a fuddy duddy and doesn't know how to have fun. She always acts so DIGNIFIED and better than us mere mammals.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Waffle Day 9 Dispatch Weekend Edition

I have an eventful weekend. When I wasn't eating my dad or mom's iphones I was trying to chew cords that I wasn't supposed to. I met my first stranger Caroline. I had her wrapped around my finger. She LOVED me. I am pretty damn loveable so I am not surprised.
Here is her getting a camera phone pic of me.

Mom had to check Caroline's purse before she left she wanted to take me home I can tell.

Oh yeah and here is some pics of dad and me spending "quality time" (he likes to make me dance in my sleep)

On Saturday morning while I was running around like a kitten on heroin I spilled Daisyboo's food again. (12th time this week?)

I proceeded to eat most of it. I taught myself a trick too. I can pick up a call of food with my hand and feed it to myself. Mom didn't believe dad til she saw it herself. They have tried to get it on video. No luck yet. I am a crafty bastard.

I also had my weekly weigh in.

2lbs 13oz. I am growing FAST. Mom is scared by the end of the month I will be full grown and she will of missed all the "squee" time whatever that is.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day Seven - Kitten Fort!?

Today I took a nap with mom and dad and they were so cute sleeping that I decided to be good and not act too crazy. When we woke up dad made me a fort and I just can't stop running in and out and in and out and in and out (I think there's a song lyric in there somewhere).
I think they are trying their darnedest to make sure I am good and tired tonight so they can sleep - oh, they are so naive it's cute.
Tomorrow I get to meet Caroline and they keep talking to me about party manners - I do so love a good party.
Well, it's nap time I need a recharge, otherwise I won't be in top form for the bed-bouncing and the foot-stuffing-in-mouth fun time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daisyboo Day 6 Dispatch Morning Edition

Reasons why I don't like the runt:

The damn thing smiles in her sleep! She is making me look like my bitch face reputation. I don't know why I got that rep.

Waffle Day 6 Dispatch Morning Edition

It appears my first day let loose in the apartment during the day with Daisyboo was a success. Daisy met mom at the door and I cam trotting from who knows where I was hiding. Mom did a full body check to make sure there were no scratched and poke me some to see if anything hurt (like grandpa B recommended) I was happy as a calm. Daisyboo even kissed me in front of mom as she was putting her bag down. There is hope for us yet. Daddy wasn't home so I played with mommy for TWO AND A HALF HOURS non stop. I could tell I was wearing her out and she started playing from a laying position on the couch. I even discovered I am almost camo on this blanket. Then I took a champion 2 hour nap and woke up just in time for BED TIME! I was naughty and got locked up. I was biting mom's legs again everytime she moved.
I like to chase daisy around the apt full speed.I follow her everywhere she goes. She got tricky and jumped on the stool and over the wall into the bedroom. I can't reach the stool YET but I try my darndest and crash onto the ground. Mom says I am made of nerf. I don't know what that means but I bet it taste good.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daisyboo and Waffle Day 5 Dispatch Morning Edition

Hi guys boo and runt here. Mom and dad let the piglet run free last night and she was good all night (well quietly bad maybe is a better description. If a kitten was bad and you don't hear it was she really bad?) So this morning they were calling our names looking for us and you will never guess where we were. Sitting in the window together.

I decided if the piglet is gonna stay I might as well get used to her. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. I even kissed her a few times just to show what a good big sister I am. I still swatted at her a few times but man if she doesn't have personal space issues! let me tell you she is lucky she is cute. They left us alone together in the apartment today. Lets hope that the runt behaves!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waffle Day 4 Dispatch Evening Edition

2167 <-- actually typed by waffle

Hi guys! howareyouiamgreatiwasinbathroombutnowiamoncouchbeingqwazy

So earlier Daisyboo scared herself and I laughed.

She has stayed out in the living room with me all night and kissed me 2 more times. She swatted me too. But I am a bit much. Imagine a 4 year old on espresso that then drank a red bull and washed it down with cotton candy for good measure.

Oh and I like to eat cords. Anyone have a suggestion to get me to stop?

Daisyboo Day 4 Dispatch

I felt bad that the little spaz was locked up in the bathroom all day (not that bad I need to keep my street cred as a grouch) so I met mom at the door when she got home and went with her to get her out of the bathroom. When she came out I sniffed her and gave her a few kisses than I licked her butt.


Waffle Day 4 Dispatch- Morning Edition

Hi guys Waffle here. I was a naughty little girl and kept attacking mom's bum and legs last night while she slept. Every time she moved a muscle I pounced with claws. I ended up getting locked in the bathroom. It was for the best I was annoying the shit out of Daisyboo who is on the same bedtime schedule as mom and dad. She goes to her bed the same time they do. If they stay up late she goes without them and comes out every hours yells and goes back to bed. So this morning I started a new game. Hang out under the blanket that was on the coffee table and sneak out and pounce on Daisyboo. She only swatted me once. We even had an encounter in the hallway and we kissed. Mom and dad got all gushy and made a big deal about it.
I also already know what a camera is and pose when I see it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Checking my comments

Hey guys Waffle here. Thank you so much for your nice comments they make me feel warm and squishy inside. Now when can I have my own iphone??
I had a good evening. I played and played and played til mommy couldn't play no more (wuss) Daisyboo and I argued once I was being a brat and I went after here. She don't scare me even if she is 5 times bigger.

Waffle Day 3 dispatch

I am currently hiding out in the bathroom from that big cute meanie Daisyboo. She keeps hissing at me through the door. I show her and I growl. I am FEROCIOUS I tell you. My growl shakes the boots of 30 year old men. My mom told me my friend Annie said to just think of that when Daisyboo hisses she is just saying "WTF" because she is frustrated and was an only child so long. She only swatted at me twice this morning but I was being a bit of a spaz at the time.
I can't wait til my mom and dad get home because I WANT TO PLAY. My favorite game is eat mom's hair.


Hello everyone.
Daisyboo here. I am 5 years old as of July and while I appear black, in the sun I am a gorgeous chocolate cherry color.
My likes are:
Avon boxes.
lipglosses I steal from my mom's purse.
cough drops.
hot laundry.
and bottle caps.

My dislikes are:

Hi Waffle here, I am 8 weeks old. I am stripey with a white belly and pink toes. I have a W on my forehead and exclamation point on my nose. howyoudoing?Iamgoodandyou? OMG SHINYYYYYY
My likes are:
nomming on giraffes.
nomming on iphones.
nomming on my mom's hair.
snuggling up in her hair and giving head massages that usually involves claws.
prying my mom's mouth open at 4am.

My dislikes are: