Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waffle Day 4 Dispatch- Morning Edition

Hi guys Waffle here. I was a naughty little girl and kept attacking mom's bum and legs last night while she slept. Every time she moved a muscle I pounced with claws. I ended up getting locked in the bathroom. It was for the best I was annoying the shit out of Daisyboo who is on the same bedtime schedule as mom and dad. She goes to her bed the same time they do. If they stay up late she goes without them and comes out every hours yells and goes back to bed. So this morning I started a new game. Hang out under the blanket that was on the coffee table and sneak out and pounce on Daisyboo. She only swatted me once. We even had an encounter in the hallway and we kissed. Mom and dad got all gushy and made a big deal about it.
I also already know what a camera is and pose when I see it.

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