Friday, August 14, 2009

Waffle Day 14 Dispatch

Hi guys Waffle here. Things have been qwazy here. I have a new nickname! The tiny tyrant! That's good right? I like to do this on my hind legs dance with my hands in the air at daisy. It looks like I am saying "What's up you want to fight?? Can you smell what the Waffle is cooking"
I have a new place I like to hang out on during the Day while mom and dad are at work. See the video below.

Last night mom was using her foot thingy and I decided I wanted a pedicure too
Someone wants a pedicure
I kept sticking my feet in and flinging water everywhere. Mom spent the entire time saying "Dave keep her out of it I used polish remover she will get brain damage" Dad said "She won't drink anything she isn't supposed to"
Silly silly man.
Then mom realized if she turned the bubble feature on instead of the vibrate I would run like my ass was on fire.

I like to play a game where I climb under the covers at 4 in the morning and bite peoples legs. Its great fun. Mom said she is gonna start charging me for the extra coffee she has to drink.


  1. You can tell she was sleeping cause that is the tiniest mew she has ever mewed; usually it sounds like a pterodactyl. Oh, and pardon the kitten-proofing mess of cardboard and elevated piles of things :D

  2. I love that she said hi when you asked, though!

  3. seriously, that's the cutest little meow ever.


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