Monday, August 3, 2009

Waffle Day 3 dispatch

I am currently hiding out in the bathroom from that big cute meanie Daisyboo. She keeps hissing at me through the door. I show her and I growl. I am FEROCIOUS I tell you. My growl shakes the boots of 30 year old men. My mom told me my friend Annie said to just think of that when Daisyboo hisses she is just saying "WTF" because she is frustrated and was an only child so long. She only swatted at me twice this morning but I was being a bit of a spaz at the time.
I can't wait til my mom and dad get home because I WANT TO PLAY. My favorite game is eat mom's hair.


  1. I'm such a fan of kitten hair nomming. Patches used to nibble on my eyelobe. That used to be cute until her adult teeth came in. She also used to sleep on my shoulder, and we'd go for walks outside while she was tucked in my coat sleeve. But then she got to big, and now she's a 15 pound fur ball who likes to sleep on my chest.

  2. Aw I'm totes yer friend waffle. DaisyBoo is being a great big sis I'm sure :)


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