Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waffle Day 11 dispatch

Mommy keeps saying I am a bully. How is that possible I am so friggin cute and only weight 2lbs 13oz.

I am like a McAlister's baked potato really. I mean I might chase Daisyboo around and pounce on her back from up high like she is a pony. But I don't get why that makes me a bully. I might chase Daisyboo until she hides in the bedroom where I can't reach (yet) I might attack people in their sleep and chew on their flesh. I might of ripped mom and dad's one year old couch and pulled the stuffing out. But dont' all kittens act like that? Last night I got up on the entertainment center and had an exorcist (poltergeist? can some clear that up? Caroline?) moment.

Mom kept telling me to get down and dad got the camera. I hear Daisyboo would never do anything like that in all the years they have had her. I just think its cause she is a fuddy duddy and doesn't know how to have fun. She always acts so DIGNIFIED and better than us mere mammals.


  1. you are only a kitten.... so don't worry about it. My auntie Cynthia is a grumpy old lady and doesn't appreciate the play opportunities. Uncle Quarq is fun to play with and pounce on, though sometimes he gets mad at me. These are the best years and you can get away with anything..... just be cute and especially show your tummy ( that gets em evrey time)


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