Monday, August 31, 2009

Waffle Day 31 Dispatch

This was a big weekend for me. I went to the vet for my first big check up and to get some of my 12 week shots. I hear I was very expensive. (mom here... almost $500 for her and Daisyboo. OY VEY) and I was a very good girl. I didn't even cry in the car until Daisyboo had been crying for 10 minutes. So when she tired herself out I started in for her.

At the vet I got my leg shaved and some blood drawn. I thought mommy was gonna pass out. She got a little twitchy. But they didn't get a call, the vet said he would only call by 5pm if I had AIDS or Leukemia. SO yeah!! I also had some bum poking let me tell you I did not like that. I didn' t like that more than the shots and blood draw. But all in all I didn't make a fuss at all. When I made some tiny meows Daisyboo meowed out. Mom thinks she was asking me if I was ok.

OH and Daisyboo and I snuggled. It was the first time mom and dad had seen it. So of course they took a picture.

Dad did his best to not spend too much time with me this past month so I could bond with mom. And she and I snuggle a lot but when dad comes in the room I run over to him and snuggle down. Mom swears a lot.

Oh I haven't told you the best part. I have a new trick.

Mom yelled to dad "come here you HAVE TO SEE THIS" he kept saying what and she said no its a visual. I am pretty damn clever aren't I?

Today is my 13 week birthday!

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