Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Daisyboo and Waffle Day 5 Dispatch Morning Edition

Hi guys boo and runt here. Mom and dad let the piglet run free last night and she was good all night (well quietly bad maybe is a better description. If a kitten was bad and you don't hear it was she really bad?) So this morning they were calling our names looking for us and you will never guess where we were. Sitting in the window together.

I decided if the piglet is gonna stay I might as well get used to her. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. I even kissed her a few times just to show what a good big sister I am. I still swatted at her a few times but man if she doesn't have personal space issues! let me tell you she is lucky she is cute. They left us alone together in the apartment today. Lets hope that the runt behaves!


  1. Well Daisyboo, I am glad you decided to let Waffle stay. Who knows? You might actually become bestest friends!

  2. Daisyboo

    I hope you are not just fattening up Waffle so that she makes a meal instead of a snack. Your reference to Waffle's size makes me wonder. Also, you are a cat, so you are devious.

    Your friend,

    Dave (not dad)


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