Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waffle Day 20 dispatch

I forgot to tell you about my weigh in this week. I am up to 3.3 lbs. Mom is worried again I am almost full size and she has exactly 5 minutes left with me being small.
Then I was a HOLY TERROR last night and this morning and she isn't so concerned. She was muttering something out giving me to gypsys. I was tearing apart the couch last night while mom and dad slept on the sleeper sofa part. I hear the couch is only a year old. I scratched daddy really bad in the face twice this week. Both times I drew blood and he has a war wound now. Mom found the giant laundry bag in the middle of the living room floor the other day and 20 minutes later it was in the bedroom. I like running back and forth with this giant 3 foot long laundry bag in my mouth. I also like to run with dad's socks back and forth (mom said now if only I could carry them to the laundry which dad doesn't know how to do)

My new favorite game is attack the roll of paper towels. Not the cheap kind either (I hear they have gluten) but the good select a size kind. I like to rip pieces off and run with them and attack them. Mom picked up no less than 20 pieces before she left for work today. I plan to leave twice as many for tonight.

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