Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waffle Day 48 Dispatch

With the temperatures dropping I have been sleeping under the covers. Usually with mom. I like to lay across the bed UNDER the covers when she leaves for the potty so when she comes back she has to lay in a c shape around me. She doesn't want to touch me because they she just has to go back to the bathroom and wash her hands and I lay across again. I refuse to move when budged too. Sometimes I decide to randomly bite what ever I am laying near in the middle of the night. Mom isn't a fan.

I like to hang out in the sink lately. Mom likes to turn it on and watch me drink and use my hand. She says it slays her.

Over the weekend I helped mom make cupcakes. By help I hung out in her hoodie while she made them.

Oh I like to play with toilet paper too. lots. I like it a lot a lot.

This morning while mom was trying to take a picture of her makeup I decided I wanted to get in on the photo and snuck up behind her.

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