Monday, November 23, 2009

Waffle After Surgery

I had my big girl surgery this weekend. I made my parents a NERVOUS WRECK. My pain medicine made me tweak and act like I thought I was a very fast super hero.
But I have been sleeping a lot.
Here is me snoring. (turn up volume)

Here is me sleeping on bed. I like to be tucked in and in the middle.
Here is me sleeping on the couch the night of surgery.
sleeping under the snuggie
Dad sat on the floor so I could have the couch.
taking up the couch

Here is my belly with my surgery staples.

The nurse told mom and dad to spoil me I just had surgery. So I had some cupcake, bacon corn muffin, corn, turkey and a french fry! Don't worry I only got a bite of each thing and they made sure they were all safe. Here is me with my favorite corn.

Oh and you may call me by my new nickname Lady Wa Wa I love that Ga Ga lady!


  1. Dear Waffle,
    I hope you are feeling better. When I had my big girl surgery, my daddy let me eat salmon. Mostly I just stayed in my cat carrier and hissed at my mommy.


  2. Mommy says I should say thank you.
    Thank you!


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