Saturday, November 28, 2009

I got to go with mom and dad for Thanksgiving so could monitor my stitches. This was my first big car trip. I was SUCH a good girl. Once we got there I hid for about 36 hours. When I did come out I was very well behaved. Mom only had to untangle my claws from gram's lace curtains once. Daisyboo cries and cries and cries and then starts to hyperventilate she is crying so much in the car and gets sick every time so we just left her home. I was an angel. I didn't say BOO. I was agreeable and quiet and even took a nap. We stopped off at a place on the way that makes gluten free food. Mom cut up some chicken for me, I LOVED it. This was my first taste of cooked chicken. On Thanksgiving I got TURKEY and smashed sweet tater. I smushed the taters around and made a mound but the turkey was another story. My grandpa even laid on the floor and was trying to get me to come out from under the bed. My great grandparents don't like cats but they seemed to be smitten with me. I do that to even the most hardened non-cat person!

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