Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas update

Mom and Dad spoiled me and Daisyboo this Christmas. So did Gramma Helen and Great Gramma Fern. My foster mom Alicia made mom and dad the CUTEST flip book of picture ALL OF ME! We also got fleece cat nip flish me and Daisy fight over. There should be no problem there is two of them but I like to take them both and Daisy has none.

We got a plane

Mom and Dad installed a nanny cam to watch us while they are at work

We got little mechanical toys

I am obsessed with shoulders lately.
Glad she's a cuddler
New trick

Mom even put me and Daisy on her fancy book
Nook book!

I hear I am a big bully to black cats. Here is me with Osita my biological sister when I am about 6 weeks old

This is Daisy the other day. I will be 7 months old on Saturday. I like to ride Daisy like she is a pony down the hall while she screams.

Oh and did you know I am a fighter pilot?

Click to enlarge you will be glad you did.

I was real good on my second car trip. I cried a little when we left Gramma Helens. I really liked the stairs and running up and down them. I also liked how much stuff they had to SCRATCH!

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